Friday, July 17, 2009

Number of threads in Windows (7)

Hi there...
I was always asking myself "how many threads can Windos can create inside one application?". I guess the answer is "depends on hardware".

Today I found a sample application for Managed Stack Explorer that only creates/removes
threads. When I saw it, I immediately remembered my old question and I started to create threads. >:)

After a while - at thread number 440 - the operating system started to work very slow and at 780 I killed the application because my CPU was at 100% for a while now. :)
As a proof, you can see the attached picture.

What's your number? :)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

How to get your data after some partition manager deleted your data

Hi there...

I wanted to install the new Windows 7 RC on my machine side-by-side with my good old Windows XP SP3. I downloaded GParted, Graphical Boot Manager and Windows 7 RC and burned all on some disks. After resizing one partition using GParted and after installing 7, I realized that the data from the resized partition was gone.
After tesing a number(15) of software that should resolve these kind of issues, I found R-Studio. I was able to get my data from my partition in about 1h30! So I recomand R-Studio to anyone who lost some precious data! :)

Happy recovering! :)

I love Windows 7

Hi there..

I've installed the new Windows 7 RC on my laptop and enabled the Aero UI.
It looks so brigth and shiny! I just love it! I can't wait to start developing on it!

If you want to learn more: videos and home page.

Have fun!