Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Disassemble and assemble .NET files


Today I wanted to edit some resources in some .NET assembly. For that I used ildasm, Resourcer and ilasm tools.

Step 1. disassemble: ildasm / assembly_name.dll
This will output the il file and the resources.
Step 2. edit resources with Resourcer.
Step 3. assemble the result:
ilasm /dll /resource:asssembly_name.res /output=assembly_name.dll
This order is important. Otherwise you will get some errors like "Could not create output file, error code=0x80004005".

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

SharpDevelop Ideas

I started playing/developing with SharpDevelop IDE and I made/proposed some very nice changes:
- expand regions with double click - implemented with the help of Daniel Grunwald
- drag and drop current yellow line in debugger - implemented with the help of Daniel
- focus/select the member in the combo in editor
- update position of completion window - implemented with the help of Daniel
- tooltip for folding elements - implemented with the help of Daniel
- remove all breakpoints
- remove project from recent list
- watchpad features + code completion when adding a watch variable - implemented with the help of Daniel Grunwald
- partial fix for x:Name in XAML
- search for type names in Add Reference window - with some suggestions for using Mono.Cecil from Daniel
- fix some issues.

Now I'm working on a spell checker... :D

Check #D out! It's very cool! :)

Spell checker

Hey all...

Today I found a very nice "tool" for spell checking. It is called hunspell and it looks like it is used by major applications like OppenOffice, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, etc. It's using OpenOffice dictionaries...
For .NET developers there is a wrapper called NHunspell. For usage see this article.

Very nice and easy to use...

Happy coding!