Sunday, March 11, 2012

Another issue in Oracle ODBC drivers

Again something on Oracle. Like my previous post, I am working on a project that has a C++ COM component that connects to an Oracle DB using ODBC drivers.
We decided to port everything to VS2010 and use the Oracle Developer Tools for VS 2010 Everything worked great (not everything since VS2010 cannot attach to native code but that's another story) and we were able to generate the EF model using the wizard. When running the app, we noticed that the C++ COM component was not able to connect to Oracle anymore (ORA-12154 error). I tried uninstalling the new driver (using Oracle Universal Installer) but the problem was still there. After setting up the connection to Oracle using the configuration files (we are using ldap.ora and sqlnet.ora, not tsnames.ora) we were able to connect the the database using the new drivers since they messed up the old ones.
Why this happens, I still wait for an answer on Oracle forums... :)

Maybe this helps someone! :)

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