Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Create/distribute iOS apps (Cordova/PhoneGap)


A while ago I've started creating some mobile apps. Since native development (Java/Objective-C) can take some time, I decided to learn an HTML5 mobile framework. One of the most popular (and free/OSS) frameworks is Apache Cordova. You can learn a lot about Cordova on the web...

Since I've wanted to publish some apps, I've also had to became an Apple Developer, buying an Apple Developer ID/Subscription for iOS apps. After that I was able to connect to Member Center and iTunes Connect to configure my account.

Back to the technical part... Once I finished testing the app on the simulators, I had to create an archive of distribution. The first problem I encountered was CopyPNG error. Since I've created the images on Windows, the build process was unable to copy the png images. In order to fix this I had to open the png images in the Preview app and Export them to png and override the images.
After all images errors were fixed, I got another error during linking because libCordova.a was not found (this is actually a bug in the PhoneGap project template). The solution here was to properly set the path to libCordova.a:
- Go to project settings and Build Tab. Search for "Other Linker Flags"
- Double click on the linker flags for Release and Change ${TARGET_BUILD_DIR}/libCordova.a to ${BUILT_PRODUCTS_DIR}/libCordova.a.
Do a clean... build... and an Archive.

Now I am able to test the app on the device and publish it!

Happy coding!

P.S. I also had some problems when I've entered my banking account information... In Romania it's enough to have only the IBAN + name but iTunesConnect wanted the bank account number (which I thought it's the same as the IBAN). After some trials and errors (and a lot of google searching) I came with nothing - the iTunes Connect kept saying that the bank account number is 16 characters long and it's verified against the IBAN; I tried various configurations and none worked... Around 2 AM I decided to go to sleep and go to the bank next day and ask them about my bank account number. But in my way to the bed, I thought that if I remove the first 8 characters (which identifies the country and the bank) I'd get something that something that must identify me. The next day I tried my last idea and it worked. So it looks like the bank account number are the last 16 characters in the IBAN.(at least this works in Romania)

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